Does Knowing That Only $0.05 Of Every Dollar Goes Towards Paying Down Your Principle With A Traditional Mortgage Drive You Insane?

If This Is You, We Guarantee To Show You How To Save Thousands Of Dollars And Pay Off Your Home In One Third Of The Time. If We Don't Deliver....You Pay Nothing!

The First Five Years of a Traditional Mortgage are Brutal....

In fact, the first 18.5 years of a traditional mortgage doesn't really inspire much hope because most of the payments you make go towards interest.12208089_10206971832227182_1492268360_n

Making mortgage payments and not seeing the balance go down is frustrating (Thanks Captain Obvious).

What's even more frustrating is if you don't have tons of extra money to put towards the mortgage, it isn't in any hurry to go away either. 

The system is rigged against you because banks know that the average family changes homes every 5-7 years and they start the 30 year fixed rate cycle all over again.

What's Crazy Is The Banks Might Have You Thinking That We Are The Ones Scamming....

...and WE are the good guys.

Look, paying a home off in five to seven years sounds crazy right? We know.

It's math though. Not magic.  We didn't invent math.

The thing is, over in Australia and Great Britain, this is the NORM. Homeowners with mortgages are the minority.

The biggest reason this isn't as popular over in the United States is because think about how many trillions of dollars banks would lose in interest if they started promoting a HELOC over a mortgage. They ALL have HELOCs, they just don't promote them.

Want to know what the banks are doing? They want you to put a little money in your checking, a little money in your savings and maybe some in a money market. It's called segregation of income.

Plus, they only offer you closed end mortgages so this way you don't put all of your money into your mortgage each month because you can't get it back out.

Ask yourself, "Did they even offer you the chance to get a HELOC instead of a mortgage on your last home - although it is financially better for you?"

Introducing The Replace Your Mortgage Course

The Replace Your Mortgage course is an online course that enables you to feel confident that you are getting the correct HELOC that we teach, but also shows you how to actually use the HELOC to pay off your home in five to seven years (or at least a third of the time than a mortgage).  

You can take the online course right from the comfort of your home, anytime you like and as many times as you like. You will work directly with Michael Lush as he guides you through the process.

You will get a list of banks and credit unions that offer the HELOC based on your state and specific numbers. You want to know which banks offer 80,90 and even 100% financing? We have that list which took hundreds of hours of research.

You want to know which bank or credit union to apply to for investment properties? No problem. We have several.

It isn't just about saving money either.

While saving tens of thousands of dollars alone is worth it, we go deeper by teaching you how to use the HELOC to build wealth. It's true. You will not only be saving money but learning how to make it as well. The class covers six topics over the course of three individual classes. The class topics are:#Contributing

  • The Banking Scam - Understand The Problem
  • Why Banks Don't Want You To Know
  • What Is A HELOC And Clarifying Misconceptions
  • The Guidelines For Our Cash Flow Strategy
  • Applying The Cash Flow Strategy
  • How To Create Wealth Using A HELOC

What's Different About The Course?

The course is designed so that you can quickly and easily start applying for a HELOC within the first week or taking the course.

There is enough information in the course to get you what you need to succeed but not boring you with nerdy loan details.

We want you to take action and replace your mortgage as fast as possible so you can start saving right away. But there is something else that is unique about RYM.

We guarantee your success. That is why we make it impossible to take the course until you book a discovery call and we crunch your actual numbers.

If the numbers don't work for your situation, we don't move forward. You can't lose.

But Do I Need To Take A Course? Take This Test And Find Out.

Nope. Not at all. You could hunt for the right loan yourself and then the right bank like Michael did when he started this journey with his family.

Just be prepared to end up on page 17 of google when searching for banks and their guidelines. 

Got questions? Hopefully you will find a loan officer that is educated enough about this method who can answer them for you.

With enough googling, you could eventually find out how to use the cash flow strategy that we teach. 

You see, getting a HELOC is only a tool. It is knowing how to use it that makes it so powerful. 

But why not just save time and learn it right now so you can stop paying so much interest to the banks?

However this isn't for everyone. In fact, if you know the answers to the following questions, we DO NOT recommend taking our course.

What You Will Learn

Module One: How Banks Make Money And How Mortgages Work

  • A much better way to finance real estate.
  • How to avoid paying $2,525 in "junk fees" to the bank.
  • How your results are guaranteed.
  • Why money left in your checking account is a liability.
  • The little known reason why banks want you to separate your money and what you should be doing instead.
  • The sad reason why only 29.3% of Americans own their home free and clear and how you can be one of them.
  • Why looking at total purchase price is much more important than your monthly payment.
  • How becoming an "interest rate chaser" is causing you to pay thousands more for your home than you should be paying.
  • How those no closing cost loans are costing you more than you even realize. 
  • Why you should not escrow (most don't even know this)
  • Where to look on your loan estimate to reveal that you are buying one home for the bank and one for yourself if you have a 15-30 year loan.
  • How "total interest percentage" could be killing your disposable income.
  • The differences between a HELOC and a traditional mortgage.
  • The proven way reduce your monthly payment. 
  • Why the flexibility of a HELOC is better for your family vs. a mortgage.
  • The differences between prime and LIBOR - Plus, which one is better when trying to get a HELOC.
  • Should you get a fixed rate HELOC? The advantages and disadvantages.
  • Why banks don't want you to know about this method although they all offer HELOCs.
  • How to pay your bills with a HELOC.
  • How to never have PMI again.
  • 2 reasons why loan officers don't promote HELOCs (this will turn your stomach).
  • Why you should pay close attention to your APR. 

Module Two: How To Get The Right HELOC To Pay Your Home Off Faster

  • The ONE home loan lenders mistakenly try to sell to homeowners who want to get a HELOC but don't know the right questions to ask the lender.
  • Key components you must know when applying for a HELOC.
  • How most HELOCs are applied and why it is wrong.
  • How to get a HELOC with little equity in your home.
  • Do these 2 things to make sure your HELOC won't get frozen.
  • What you need to say to make sure the lender doesn't give you two loans when you close on your HELOC.
  • Why a second lien HELOC will take you longer and cost you more.
  •  2 other types of loans that you can get to implement the cash flow strategy.
  • The 2 ways to make sure you never hit your draw period.
  • How your payment is calculated.
  • Interest only vs. minimum payment.
  • Answer to the the question, "What if rates skyrocket?".
  • How to get a .99 rate for the 6-12 months.
  • What you should know about deducting taxes with a HELOC.
  • How to pay your bills with a HELOC.
  • How to get your money to work for you while you are sleeping.
  • How your payment decreases.
  • The top reasons why we recommend a first lien HELOC.
  • How to buy down your rates up to 3 times for $95.
  • How much equity do you need to make this work.
  • A little known secret to getting the best HELOC terms.

Module Three: How To Apply Our Cash Flow Strategy And Build Wealth

  • How to apply our cash flow strategy to pay down your mortgage balance another 3-4 years faster (typical client can pay their home off in 5-7 years using this strategy).
  • The best day to close onwhen refinancing to a HELOC to skip two months of payments.
  • The day to close on a purchase using a HELOC.
  • What to do if your HELOC account doesn't have a routing number.
  • HELOCs and overdraft protection - knowing what questions to ask for automation.
  • Why you shouldn't use your checking and savings when using our cash flow strategy.
  • 6 ways to increase your cash flow.
  • What kinds of deposits should go into your HELOC.
  • Details about escrow accounts you will want to know.
  • How a HELOC increases your cash flow.
  • Should you roll your other debt into your HELOC? Yes. You will know which ones in this lesson.
  • Why you shouldn't have a tax refund.
  • The downside of a HELOC.
  • The do's and don'ts of a HELOC.
  • Why having a paid for home in your "working years" is bad and what you should do instead.
  • Ways to add value to your home.
  • How to buy a vacation home.


Membership Options


Do It Yourself Option

  • Module One: How Banks Make Money And How Mortgages Work.
  • Module Two: How To Get The Right HELOC To Pay Your Home Off Faster.
  • Module Three: How To Build Wealth
  • A list of banks and credit unions that offer the right HELOC.
  • Access to the bonus training's.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials.


Hand Holding Option

  • Module One: How Banks Make Money And How Mortgages Work.
  • Module Two: How To Get The Right HELOC To Pay Your Home Off Faster.
  • Module Three: How To Build Wealth
  • Access to our private Facebook group to ask questions throughout the process.
  • A list of banks and credit unions that offer the right HELOC.
  • Access to the bonus training's.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials.
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5 Very Important Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay

1.  You will save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments alone.

If you are reading this page, you more than likely have spoken with us and we have ran your numbers. You have seen the math that shows how quickly you will pay off your home with a mortgage vs. a HELOC. It adds up to $75,000-200,000 in savings for most clients.

2.  Personal Support from Michael.

One of the biggest problems people face who choose to go at this alone is they don't know if what they are doing is right or wrong. The RYM master class comes with personal access to Michael throughout the entire process of paying off your home.

3.  You have zero risk In fact, it's better than risk free.

The RYM master class is guaranteed for six months. If you don't see a drastic difference in your mortgage during this time, you don't owe us a penny. If fact, we will even pay you an extra 10% ($200) for wasting your time. We are a phone call or email away.

4.  You can use the information for as many home's as you like.

Once you have the knowledge we teach in the class, you can use it on as many homes as you decide to purchase for the rest of your life. How is that for a return on your investment?

5. You are making a big decision.

You don't want to get the wrong loan. Think about that for just a minute. You are about to buy a home or refinance that more than likely costs a couple hundred thousand dollars. Wouldn't spending just a 1-2% of that to get expert advice make sense? After the loan has closed, it's too late for help.

Our 100% Risk Free 'Impossible To Lose Money' 6 Month Money Back Guarantee